• Gas Cooker Installation

  • Gas Cooker Installation
    Gas Cooker Installation by Duval Heating

    Gas Hobs and cooker installation

    Gas Safe registered for all types of gas cooker installation this includes LPG and natural gas domestic appliances.

    You can arrange for our qualified gas engineer to install your new gas cooker or gas hob just by using our online booking form.

    When purchasing your new gas appliance it will be set up to work on natural gas.

    If your gas supply is LPG the appliance will need converting over to work on LPG.

    Ask the salesperson If the appliance can be converted if so, ask for the conversion kit.

    With gas hobs, this kit is normally supplied but with gas cookers, they may need to be ordered in.

    When carrying out a cooker installation we will supply a new cooker hose and fixing chain kit.

    Some people think these are supplied with the new cooker.

    For some reason, the makers state that the installation engineers need to supply these parts.

    Once the gas cooker installation is complete, a gas tightness test is carried out.

    This test proves that the gas supply and appliances are safe and no leak is present.

    Our gas engineer will provide a gas certificate for the installation.

    If you need your old appliance disconnected for the gas supply just let us know and we can arrange a visit.