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    Mobile Home Water Heater Replacement

    Most mobile homes will have an LPG water heater fitted, whereas newer mobile homes will have a combination boiler.

    The combination boiler will supply both hot water and central heating.

    If your mobile is over 15 years old, the chances are the water heater is the original one, installed when built.

    The most popular installed water heater was made by Morco most were the six-litre model, with some ten-litre models fitted as well.

    Another make used was the Worcester bosch which was not as popular.

    Both Morco and Worcester Bosch ceased production of their water heaters a few years back.

    Morco water heaters ceased trading, and Ideal boilers took over the name.

    Ideal now produces a water heater with the Morco name, but it’s not the same as the old model.

    Should you change your water heater to the new Morco model, you will notice that the gas and water connections are different.

    The new Morco also comes with a permanent pilot, which, as we all know, not good for the planet.

    The good news is there is an alternative that you can use, which will also save on running costs.

    This Mobile Home Water Heater Replacement is called Forcali.

    Forcali water heaters come in three different outputs.

    First is the six-litre version, then you have a ten litre and room sealed 12-litre version.

    The six and ten-litre versions will replace both the old Morco and Worcester bosch water heaters.

    Forcali LPG range of water heaters operate without a permanent pilot light offering high performance and safety also equates to saving on the running costs.

    I’ll explain the old Morco water heaters had a permanent pilot, which was on all of the time using up your gas.

    Some time ago, the Which Magazine carried out a test on the cost of running a pilot on boilers and water heaters.

    The results were astounding, with the results showing that over twelve months, two 47kg propane gas bottles were used just on pilots alone.

    That’s a high cost when you think that the average 47kg gas bottle costs around £70.00, times that by two, and you have a saving of around £140.00 over 12 months.

    Both the Forcali six and ten-litre versions come with space mounting brackets and a flue adaptor.

    If replacing a Morco or Worcester Bosch, the new Forcali will line up with flue exactly.

    They also come with flexible water connections, which makes connecting to the hot and cold supplies easy.

    The only pipework alteration you may need to do is the gas supply.

    A 10mm and 15mm gas connection also comes in the installation kit.

    They supply both adaptors because pipe sizes can differ depending on the year your mobile home.

    Forcali’s 12-litre room sealed version is also a good option if you want to upgrade from the six-litre model.

    A vertical flue option is available, thus saves on cutting a flue hole in the side of your mobile home.

    Just remove the old conventional flue, and use the flue hole for the room sealed vertical flue pipe.

    If choosing this option, you will also need a roof sealing plate, but it will give you double the hot water flow rate to your appliances.

    You may need to upgrade the gas supply pipe if it is 10mm to 15mm.

    You will need to have a 240v wall plug in the compartment or close by, an option to choose.

    This option is good if you spend most of the year in your mobile home and like to have a decent hot shower.

    Six litres is ok, but having double that for the shower will make a big difference. It’s something to think over.

    Another thing to point out is if your water heater is in a compartment, you should not store anything in there due to fire risk.

    Morco and Worcester bosch water heaters are open flued, which means they take the air from the room where installed.

    With the 12-litre water heater, it is room sealed now you have compartment space to use.

    Your Mobile Home Water Heater Replacement should be, carried out by a qualified gas safe registered LPG engineer.

    The engineer should be able to supply and install your new water heater.

    While at the same time, check all your other gas appliances for safety.

    Once the replacement water heater has been installed,
    the engineer should provide an installation certificate.

    Keep the gas installation certificate safe, as your insurance company may need to have a copy for their records.

    Some mobile home parks also like to have a copy of the certificate.

    Ensure that gas work has been completed only by a registered LPG engineer.

    You can find a gas safe LPG engineer on the gas safe website.

    Do your search and find a company that is close to your location.

    If you have any problems with the website, there is a contact number which you can use to find a local company.

    Forcali water heaters have built a good reputation in the United Kingdom.

    You will find they are the best option if replacing your water heater.

    We hope you have found this article helpful in your search for Mobile Home Water Heater Replacement.