• Vaillant Advance Installers

  • Duval Heating, Vaillant Advance Installers.

    Duval Heating, Members of the Vaillant Advance installers Program.

    Vaillant boilers have been around for many years.

    Pioneering the first combination boiler that we have all come to know and love today.

    As Vaillant Advance installers we can match the right boiler for your property and needs.

    All Vaillant boilers are built to a very high specification, with quality being the number one priority.

    The Vaillant combination boiler is one of the best selling boilers in the United Kingdom today.

    You also have the Vaillant system boiler.

    It is designed to work alongside a Vaillant unvented hot water cylinder.

    Supplying all the heat and hot water that you need.

    Then you have the heat-only boiler, which also works with a hot water cylinder, but is open vented, Still supplying both heat and hot water.

    The boilers come with warranties of up to 10 years if installed by an advanced member.

    All Vaillant boilers are high efficiency condensing boilers, cutting the gas users bills by around 35%.

    As Vaillant Advance members we will supply and install your new boiler, installed to the highest quality.

    We can also carry out the annual boiler service that is required to keep the warranty valid.

    Should your boiler ever breakdown, we can repair it for you.

    If parts are needed, we only use genuine Vaillant parts.

    When searching for a new boiler, you can now be assured that if you choose Vaillant. Your new boiler will be reliable as well economical to run.

    Designed to be cleaner for the environment. Speak to your local Vaillant advance installers.

    Don’t forget your new boiler will come with an extra longer warranty if installed by an advance member.

    To discuss your new boiler or service, even repair, arrange for our engineer to call.