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    Identifying Problems and Solutions for the Common Hot Water Heater faults.

    LPG or propane water heaters are not very cut-and-dry not just because they heat the water. There can be several causes that create the same problem.

     No Hot Water

    You turn on the hot tap or shower only to the water is cold.

    Cold showers even doing dishes in cold water can disrupt your daily life. 

    Below are some likely causes that may lead you closer to a solution.

    Be sure to read through, if in doubt call an expert.

    The Pilot Light has gone off.

    Pilot lights ignite the burner that heats the water, if the pilot goes out or will not stay alight, you will be without hot water

    Try to Relight the Pilot!

    Depending on your water heater, you will need a lighter or you may have a built-in electronic ignitor.

    You should see the instructions printed on the outside of your water heater casing which will explain how to light the pilot. 

    You can also search online for your make of water heater and download the instructions.

    Follow the instructions but don’t try to rush, once you see the pilot alight you will normally need to wait 30 seconds for the pilot to hold.

    Thermocouple is faulty

    The thermocouple is a safety device that senses when the pilot light is on.

    Think of a thermocouple like a traffic light. It gives the “green light” for the gas valve to release gas to the main burner.

    However, the thermocouple might incorrectly signal that the pilot light is out, stopping gas from reaching the main burner. 

    No gas to the main burner means no hot water.

    Replace The Thermocouple

    You will not need to drain the heater to replace this part.

    Replacing the thermal coupling yourself is not advised gas in the wrong hands can be dangerous.

    Always, always use an expert who is gas safe registered for LPG to replace the thermocouple.

    Have your gas pressure checked to ensure the water heater is getting the correct flow of gas?

    Sometimes the problem is caused by something as simple as an empty gas tank or bottle.

    Your Water Is Not Hot Enough

    Water Heater Problems.

    You start running a bath or shower when the steady stream of hot water suddenly turns cold with no warning. 

    The bathwater or shower is not hot, it’s not cold either. It’s just…lukewarm.

    Lukewarm, It’s practically synonymous with dissatisfaction! 

    You are dissatisfied with the temperature of your water the root of your problem could be one of the following:

    Thermostat Troubles

    Some thermostats are typically built into the gas valve, and cannot be replaced without replacing the whole gas valve.

    Some water heaters have simple little sensors that are easy to replace.

    If replacing the valve is a viable option, you should first consider other factors that may have contributed to your temperature problem.

    Check and Adjust Your Temperature Settings

    Check your hot water temperature settings. 

    The appropriate temperature settings should be detailed in the owner’s manual. 

    Keep in mind the danger of increasing your water temperature. 

    Your risk of burns increases with every ten degrees that you go above the standard temperature.

    Water Heater Flue in Need of Repair

    Your LPG or propane water heater depends on airflow to burn safely, just like any fire needs oxygen. 

    If there is a lack of air flowing to the burner, it will not heat the water as efficiently.

    When the gas is burned off, the flue removes the products of combustion up through the flue and distributed through to the atmosphere.

    Sometimes this gaseous journey can be disrupted by a misdirected draft, an obstruction, even a blocked flue.

    Blocked air vents can also be highly dangerous due to carbon monoxide that cannot escape if vents are restricted.

    Check that all Vents are clean and clear.

    You can do this by checking nothing is restricting any of the vents.

    LPG or Propane water heaters have a pipe called a flue pipe, it removes all the products of combustion.

    This pipe is only held together with screws, so it should be easy to remove a section of pipe and check for any blockages.

    Make sure the water heater is off before removing sections of the flue pipe. 

    If you find a blockage, remove it then reassemble and ensure it is safe.

    Water Leaking from Your Hot Water Heater.

    Water leaks should be repaired by a professional who will be able to carry out safety checks once the leak repaired.

    It’s always best to employ a professional to work on your water heater, this way you that once the repair is completed the water heater is safe to use.

    We all like to try and repair things ourself, but with gas, you should always use a Gas Safe Engineer.

    To find a Gas Safe engineer check the Gas Safe register online.

    Always be safe and only use gas safe for all your Water Heater Problems.

    Water Heater Problems can sometimes be simple to rectify, but if not call an expert.